Native Solitary Bees Hotel - large

Bee Hotels aim to increase pollination activity in your garden by boosting local native Solitary bee populations.

Solitary bees do not produce honey, but are essential for pollinating our native flora. The bee house works as an artificial nest where the bees will come and deposit pollen/nectar and eggs before sealing off the entrance with either leaf, resin or clay/mud.

Just place your Native Bee Hotel in a sheltered area protected from direct rain, spiders and ants. But mostly, place them in an area where they can be viewed and enjoyed. Bees love to search for spots under the eaves of your house, so verandahs or patios are perfect places. They are non-aggressive and quite docile.

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Product Information

Large native bee hotel features a Crows Ash (Flindersia australis) tree seed pod, bamboo pieces, centre block and logs with drilled holes.

  • Supports native flora and fauna.
  • Size; 31.8cm H x 17.5cm W x 10.4cm D.
  • Weight: Aproximately 1.9 - 2.2kg
  • Includes Bee Hotel information brochure.
  • Made in Brisbane, Australia.

Price: $100 AUD

Plus Shipping $25 Australia Post

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